About Us

Who We Serve

We serve Veterans, military members, and their families, National Guard, Reservists and Gold Star and Blue Star families. We utilize our existing and ever expanding facilities and services across Connecticut to address the needs of the individuals in this unique community.

Why We Do What We Do

We are an affiliate program of Oak Hill, the largest non-profit serving people with disabilities in Connecticut.  In operating as a program under the Oak Hill umbrella we coordinate closely with our other sister programs.  As such, we have a depth of knowledge and physical resources unsurpassed by any other provider in the State.  As a result of our formal agreement with, and being modeled after, other successful Veterans Count affiliates and service providers across New England, we are uniquely positioned to meet the ever growing needs of the military community.       Additionally, we have leveraged the "best practices" of other Veteran organizations across the country and incorporated our own knowledge base to create what is quickly becoming known as “the destination” for Veterans and military connected individuals and organizations in Connecticut. Unlike others professing to serve Veterans by being “shovel ready” looking for funds, we are able today to provide our existing facilities and services through; the only 100% adaptive fitness facility in New England, two expansive camps capable of providing lodging for over 150 individuals with or without physical challenges, multiple mental health and community service locations across the state and specific services already approved under the Veterans Administration’s - Veterans Choice Program.  As an additional resource, our depth includes our advisory group comprised of; multiple Veteran and Blue Star Oak Hill staff, board members and others deeply immersed in the military community.      In light of the above, in Connecticut, this chapter of Veterans Count at Oak Hill is uniquely positioned to provide and expand upon our existing depth of resources for the Veteran and military constituency not only across Connecticut but potentially beyond through our ever growing cadre of partners.

Let Us Know Your Thoughts and/or Needs

We have multiple new and exciting initiatives underway at our existing locations as well as expaning into multiple local communities  through our Rally Point CT services.  Please check back often and/or join our mailing list.     Thank you for visiting!